It was 10 years ago when we founded Inertia, the first Hungarian community for web designers and developers.

During its relatively short lifetime the site has spawned such popular projects as SXC, the biggest free stock photo archive on the web, Time.Crisis, the home of the crazy one hour design contests, and last but not least Visual Culture 2001, an album showcasing the work of some of the best designers of the era.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of our community, we decided to share this hard to find book with everyone. Capturing the trends of the last decade, it contains nearly 200 pages of beautiful graphics from true pioneers such as François Chalet, Jens Karlsson, Büro Destruct, Todd Purgason, and many more.

Click on the cover to proceed. Enjoy the book!

Peter Hamza
// Editor

The End.

Well, that's it, there are no more pages. If you enjoyed the book, don't forget to share it with your friends!

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Oh, and if you are interested in what we're up to now, please check out Stockfresh, our brand new stock photo service featuring the work of some of the best names in the industry.